AJ19 is based on snakes and is full of snake spirit

Air Jordan XIX. Black Mamba, the most venomous and fastest snake in the African world. This is the design inspiration of the AJ19. Black Mamba snakes can chase prey at speeds of up to 19km/h, and once they are bitten by it, the fatality rate is nearly 100%. If the design concept of AJ14 is based on the speed and dexterity of the black panther, then AJ19 can be said to have taken the physical qualities of the black mamba and the toxicity of the opponent to death.

Two different animals completely metaphorize Jordan. In the style of the court, AJ19 is based on snakes and is full of snake spirit. The most unconventional design of these shoes is the shoe cover of the snakeskin on the surface of the shoes. Starting from AJ16, the shoelace of Jordan shoes will always be covered by something, AJ19 is no exception, the upper is basically covered by plastic weave. Unlike the first three generations, the concept of the lid of the AJ19 is completely refreshed. Due to the design of the snakeskin, the plastic weave does not produce more wrinkles and affects the feeling of the foot during the movement.

The entire shoe cover will automatically twist along with the deformation of the foot. The hard plastic fiber constituting the shoe cover is itself The toughness can also make the upper without excessively exaggerated deformation, which not only protects the foot from excessive deformation and damage, but also does not hinder the user’s proper movement of the foot during the movement due to its own toughness.
Air Jordan XVII, launched in 2002. The AJ17 was inspired by jazz and pure aristocratic British Aston Martin cars. The first feeling of AJ17 is luxury. The metal shoebox is equipped with a embossed flying trapeze logo. It is just the case that the shoebox design is so big, and it is the first time in the history of sports shoes.

It is destined that the AJ17 is different from other Jordan series shoes. Sure enough, the price has reached 200 US dollars, reaching the peak of the price of sports shoes. The AJ17 continues the shoe cover design of the AJ16. There are two rows of shoelaces on each side of the shoe, and the outer shoelace holes are used for the buckle shoe covers.

The material is made of extremely tough fabric material and synthetic leather. Technology: The forefoot Zoom Air cushion with the new Blow-molser Air cushion, the lightweight Phylon midsole, and the full palm TPU tray, all make the AJ17 perform well. In the middle of the shoe, the looming flying trapeze logo in the blue TPU layer and the Jordan logo on the silver heel stabilizing strip are the classic design with both performance and appearance.